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Get Your Nutrition Right With 5 Simple Steps

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

1. Asses

Find out how many calories you are currently having every day. Making a food diary sounds extraneous but there are great tools to make this task easier and believe me it is worth it. I suggest apps such as My Fitness Pal or Fitbit, they are very easy to use and with the free version, you can make use of the food diary feature with no issues.

2. Find Your Minimum Calorie Requirement To Maintain Weight

Determine what's your minimum calorie requirement to maintain weight, there is a mathematical method behind this but don't worry, there are plenty of calorie calculators online, just google “calorie calculator”. I suggest the one on

3. Achieve Your Minimum Calorie Requirement To Maintain Weight

Now that you know how many calories you're having on a day on average, and how many calories you should have to maintain weight, assess where you are at, are you over or under? Avoid making big changes trying to follow the perfect diet overnight as this can have health repercussions, I suggest to make small progressive changes week by week as follows:

˚If you're over, start cutting on the bad foods, such as sugars, saturated fats, etc.

˚If you're under, start adding up good foods, such as lean proteins, good fats and high fiber carbs.

˚If you're even, but you are not happy with your macro distribution, too many carbs or too many fats for example, cut on bad foods and add up good ones to balance out.

4. Choose Your Ideal Macro Distribution

There's loads of research and discussions about the ideal macro distribution. How many proteins, carbs and fats you have should depend on your body type, how your body reacts to different nutrients, your genetics, dietary requirements and beliefs. I always suggest starting with a balanced diet as the ideal diet. Balanced means having roughly the same amount of protein, carbs and fats, around 33% each.

5. Plan In Advance, Be Prepared And Achieve Calorie Surplus

Now that you have a strategy to reach your ideal numbers, take action and plan to be ready. Write down your shopping list of the foods that you want to include and avoid the ones that you need to cut. Buy enough ingredients for the week if you can and prep as much as you can to make your good foods easily accessible. Take your time and make sure you adjust according to points 3 and 4, this might take a few weeks, don't rush and let your body adjust.

After a couple of weeks after achieving a balanced macro distribution and the number of calories to maintain weight, start adding calories progressively, I suggest 200 daily calories increase every 1 to 2 weeks.

Changing a habit takes time and dedication, start small and slow, avoid making big changes too soon. If you have any specific dietary or health condition consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

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