• Raul Cardoso

Why do some people get results at the gym and others don't? If some can, you can do it too.

The Winning Mindset

There's no magic routines, exercises or diets; achieving results requires

1. Structured training and nutrition and

2. Winning mindset

Here are my top 10 tips to get the results you always wanted:

1. Commit to your goals

First, set a goal, and treat it as a priority, nothing will get in your way of achieving it. Commit 100 percent to the outcome, knowing that one difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people commit to a goal and don’t stop until they achieve it.

2. Persist until you achieve your goal

Obstacles to success are normal and should be expected. They can’t always be planned for. However, you can decide when you commit to success that you’re going to persist no matter what obstacles arise.

Don't stop after the first obstacle arrives, go around them, go over them, or push through them, but persist no matter what happens.

3. Take responsibility

We are the masters of our own destiny. Don’t complain about the things that stop you from success. Push forward knowing that you are the only thing that will make or break your success.

4. Work hard

Getting results is not an easy journey, and that's why many people don't get there, it takes energy and sweat. If you want to achieve great results, you’ll need to wake up early, squeeze a workout in your lunch break or stay up late and put in your time. Success doesn’t just come to those who want it. You’ve got to pay your dues.

5. Find people who are a good influence

People naturally mimic the behaviours of those around them. Mindset is contagious. So if you want to achieve your fitness goals, spend time with people with similar interests.

6. Believe in yourself and your vision

If you want to achieve good results, you’ve got to believe in yourself. The world’s most successful people have confidence in themselves and in their vision. Without it, they’d have to give up too easily after a few obstacles got in their way. How’s your confidence? Do you believe you can achieve your goals? You can do whatever you want in life, you’ve just to first believe it, and then work like mad to get it.

7. Take care of yourself, success takes work, and work demands energy

Think twice to go out and get wasted. You need the energy to get ahead, and the best way to have that is to eat right, train and get proper rest. Which brings us to our next point.

8. Rest and recharge

Hard work is a requirement for achieving your goals, but you can only push yourself 24/7 for so long. Train hard and then invest time sleeping 7 hours a day so you can recharge your mind and body. If you’ve been pushing it to the limit, rest for a few days. Once you get back, your body will be more efficient and you will be more focused on getting the results you want.

9. Listen to your body

If you feel strong, lift heavier looking after your technique, if you're feeling weak, lift lighter but keep it challenging enough, eat if you're hungry, sleep longer if you feel like.

10. Look for advice and support from an expert

Successful people aren’t afraid to ask for help or advice. Having a structured training program and meal plan requires knowledge and experience and a fitness professional can offer that, make sure your trainer understands your individual needs and limitations.

How many of these tips are you already doing today? If not all, or most of them, it’s time to upgrade your behaviours so you can get the results you deserve.

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